Announcing – The Kojo Code Exchange

I’m pleased to announce the Kojo Code Exchange, a first step in the direction of a Collaboration/Networking Platform for Kojo.

Using the Code Exchange is simple:

  • Fire up Kojo.
  • Write some code; run it to make a sketch.
  • Upload your work (code + sketch) to the Code Exchange by clicking a button.

Within the Code Exchange, you can:

  • View recent sketches.
  • Vote on sketches.
  • View popular sketches (as per votes).
  • Have discussions about sketches.
  • View sketches for a particular user.
  • Participate in competitions.

More information about the Code Exchange…

To go along with the launch of the Code Exchange, a new version of Kojo (Beta-011010-4) has also been released. You can obtain this version from the Kojo download page.


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