New Kojo Release — 2.7.10

I’m pleased to announce a new release of Kojo. The following are the highlights (for Kojo and the activities around it) since the last announcement:

1. New docs website

Kojo has a new documentation website – with reference material, concepts, tutorials, and how-to guides on various aspects of programming in Kojo.


2. Generative Art Enhancements in Kojo

We are starting to get serious about generative art  in Kojo, and this release ties together a few threads to make Kojo’s gen-art support more polished. Various ways of doing generative (and computational) art in Kojo are documented at these links:

The docs website also has a Scala Quickref to help kids get going with the next level of Scala programming (at about the level of regular Python programming) as they move on from turtle graphics to pictures based gen-art.

To whet your gen-art appetite, screenshots of some recent Kojo artwork are shown below (a few of these drawings are described in the tutorials above):

3. Creative coding by kids for physical products

Kids in Dehradun (the home base for Kojo) have been busy using Kojo for artwork and physical product design. Here are a couple of photos of kids with their first Kojo designed t-shirts:

We are hoping that this work will pick up steam this year, providing lots of great learning opportunities to the kids that we work with.

As always, the new version of Kojo is available from the Kojo Download Page. If you run into any difficulties, let us know.


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