New Kojo Release — 2.4.12

I’m pleased to announce a new release of Kojo. Highlights include:

  • Croatian support, contributed by Luka Volarić.
  • Further improvements to the support for high DPI displays. This should work better out of the box. But you now also have the option of tweaking your font sizes by modifying the file located at ~/.kojo/lite. Here are the first few lines of the file:
# Uncomment/tweak options as desired:
# Increase Kojo font size
# font.increase=2
# Or decrease Kojo font size
# font.increase=-4
  • A new drawing API (the Shapes API), inspired by Doodle.  Here’s an example:
def r(w: Int, h: Int) = Shape.rectangle(w, h) .outlined(black)
def sq(l: Int) = r(l, l)
def vgap(l: Int) =, l)
def hgap(l: Int) =, 0)

val eyes = sq(50) beside hgap(100) beside sq(50) filled(lightGray)
val nose = r(30, 100) .filled(orange)
val mouth = r(100, 20) .filled(red)

val face = eyes above
 vgap(10) above
 nose above
 vgap(30) above
 mouth on



As always, the new version is available from the Kojo Download Page.


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