Phil Bagwell Award

I received the Phil Bagwell award at Scala Days 2014 for my work with Kojo. Here’s what I said in my video ‘acceptance speech’ :

“It’s an honor for me to get the Phil Bagwell award this year. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Phil for about a year during the course of my work with Kojo; he made big contributions to Kojo during this time – first with the Scala tutorial that is included right within Kojo, and then by giving me very constructive and very hands-on feedback on pretty much every new feature that was added to Kojo during this time.

So getting this award today in his name is a special moment for me, and adds to my motivation to continue to work in the area of Scala and education; and of showing, via Kojo, how Scala can be used in simple yet powerful ways. This was important to Phil, and continues to be important to me.”

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