New Kojo Release (2.1, 210214)

I’m pleased to announce a new release of Kojo. Highlights include:

  • UI widgets in the drawing canvas. Go to the Samples -> Widgets menu to see an example of this.
  • Support for rational numbers.
  • Introduction of Polish support, contributed by Mikołaj Sochacki.
  • Tweaks to rendering in the drawing canvas for smoother forward/turn curves.
  • New commands and functions (randomFrom, randomBoolean, repeatFor, dot, etc).
  • Support for writable images in which you can programatically set pixel values. This enables the efficient drawing of things like the Mandelbrot set.

As you can see, there’s a whole bunch of exciting new stuff in this release. Watch out for samples of this stuff in the coming weeks. In the meantime, there’s a new book in the works — Kojo Programming Quick-Ref, which describes a lot of the new features. You can download this book from the Kojo beta books page.

As always, the new version is available from the Kojo Download Page.


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