New Kojo Release (2.1, 151213)

I’m pleased to announce a new release of Kojo. Highlights include:

  • A new tool called the Turtle Controller, which can be accessed from the Tools menu. This is meant to help younger children (~5 years) use Kojo effectively.
  • A new perspective with a bigger script editor (for larger canvas based programs), which can be accessed from the Window menu.
  • Additional Vector2D methods – normalize, magnitude, limit, / (division), - (subtraction), dot, distance.
  • Control of the Script Editor and Output Pane font size via the mouse scroll wheel (Ctrl + Scroll)
  • New Picture creation functions – PicShape.image() and PicShape.button().
    • PicShape.image() allows you to load an image file as a Picture. You can then use the Picture composition and transformation functions to lay out images declaritively, arrange them algorithmically, etc.
    • PicShape.button() allows you to add Picture based buttons (that your code can react to) to the canvas. The Turtle Controller tool uses this feature.
  • Upgrade to Scala 2.10.3

As always, the new version is available from the Kojo Download Page.


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