First Kojo 2.0 [Desktop] Release (Version 180113)

I am pleased to announce the first Desktop release of Kojo 2.0 (a Webstart version of Kojo 2.0 has been available for the past few months).

Highlights of Kojo v2 include:

  • Richer Math via Geogebra 4.2. You can see this in action in the Solving Linear Equations activity (Samples->Math Activitues->Solving Linear Equations)
  • Gaming Improvements:
    • Richer API
    • Support for Fullscreen mode
    • More sample games
  • Good support for text based console oriented programming, with control over console colors, font size, Fullscreen mode, etc.
  • Perspectives – to allow both manual and programmatic access to different Window configurations. The initial set of available perspectives are:
    • Default
    • Story Viewing
    • History Browsing
    • Script Editing
    • Canvas
  • Webstart launching (via Kojo-Webstart), for no-download, no-install, always-up-to-date functioning
  • A 3D Turtle
  • Many small improvements

From a developer perspective, some of the highlights include:

  • Slimmer and more flexible internal architecture – to enable richer functionality in the future
  • Development not tied to any particular IDE. I use Eclipse, but IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans, and others should also be easy to set up
  • sbt based build process
  • Scala 2.10.0 support

Many thanks to all the contributors. Special thanks to:

  • Björn Regnell – for the Swedish support, for suggesting new features, and for great feedback on all the new features.
  • Jerzy Redlarski – for the 3D Turtle.
  • Mushtaq Ahmed – for refinements to the sbt based build process.
  • Ilango – for work on the installer.

I encourage you to take Kojo v2 out for a spin. If you come across any issues, be sure to report them on the Issues page.

As always, the new version is available from the Kojo Download Page.


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4 Responses to First Kojo 2.0 [Desktop] Release (Version 180113)

  1. ilangostl says:

    Great work, Lalit. Congrats.

  2. Alex Kochnev says:

    Lalit – just out of curiosity, looking at 2.0 it no longer seems to be running on top of NetBeans (or at least the netbeans window system). Can you share any reasons why you moved away (if my evaluation is correct) ?

  3. Lalit Pant says:

    Alex, you are right – Kojo 2.0 does not run on Netbeans. Some of the reasons for this:
    – I was unable to find time to fully dive into Netbeans Platform development (having been a non-UI programmer in my previous life, I was barely coping with coming to grips with Swing). To be able to quickly take Kojo in whatever direction was required, I wanted to work with pure Swing, and small add-on UI libraries that I could grok/hack in a reasonable amount of time. The Netbeans platform, being a rich, massive, complex beast, was getting in the way of that (for me).
    – I needed to start simple to get Kojo to work via Webstart. Netbeans, with its many layers and its own custom Classloaders etc, was daunting.
    – The Netbeans Scala Plugin was stagnating, while the Eclipse and IDEA Plugins were seeing a lot of action. But it was a bit of a pain to work on Kojo using anything other than Netbeans. Now Kojo is IDE independent – leading to hopefully more contributors in the future.

    Having said all of that, I still think that the Netbeans platform is a great Rich Client ecosystem. It helped me tremendously in getting Kojo off the ground, and Kojo 1.0 continues to live on that.

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