Kojo around the world

Kojo is seeing good adoption around the world. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Björn Regnell is doing some great work with Kojo in Sweden. Here’s a link to a recent presentation delivered by him at Lund University, Sweden. The following are some statistics from the presentation:
    • ~120 kids in the Summer School programming at LTH
    • ~30 teachers have participated in the inspiration course for teachers at LTH
    • ~20 kids try programming during school visits to LTH
    • ~2000 visits and ~200 downloads of Kojo from Sweden
    • The concept works!!
  • Kojo is being used at Cardinal Forest Elementary School (Virginia, USA) under the guidance of  R.D. Latimer and Fred Allard.
  • Dave Briccetti has been using Kojo at Diablo Valley College (California, USA) and  Silicon Valley Code Camp.
  • And, of course, Kojo is a core part of the activities at The Kalpana Center.

If you use Kojo to work with kids, drop me a line (pant dot lalit at gmail) …

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