Introducing the 3D Turtle

Kojo (the web version) now has a 3D Turtle, thanks to some great work over the summer (as part of GSOC) by Jerzy Redlarski! Jerzy has written a nice story introducing the 3D turtle. Check it out…

Note that in its current incarnation, the 3D Turtle is written entirely in Scala (with no dependence on any low-level 3D library), and has not seen much of performance optimization – so it’s a tad slow (but still very usable). Expect things to improve on this front as Jerzy puts in more work in this area.



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2 Responses to Introducing the 3D Turtle

  1. The 3d canvas is pretty cool in Kojo but painfully slow. Is this still being worked on? Thanks.

  2. Lalit Pant says:

    This has not seen any work since the GSOC project. Contributors wanted!

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