New Kojo Release – Version March-21-2012

A new version of Kojo is out. Highlights:

  • A couple of new Picture Art samples, accessible via the Samples -> Pictures menu item:

  • Improvements to code completion. You can now dig into packages to see sub-packages and classes. Kojo is getting to be a very productive environment for Scala based hacking, letting you do a variety of things with a minimum of fuss. Some examples: exploring Scala/Java libraries, doing data analytics using R, writing scripts for doing calculations and visualisations, prototyping new software features, etc., etc.

  • Additions to context sensitive help.
  • A couple of bug fixes related to the following scenarios:
    • Clearing the canvas while multiple turtles (running on background threads) are in the middle of drawing something.
    • Stopping the drawing of a Picture under certain conditions.

As always, the new version is available from the Kojo Download Page.


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