New Kojo Release – Version March-03-2012

A new version of Kojo is out, with some programming usability improvements:

  • Context sensitive help, triggered via the Code Completion feature. When you hit Ctrl-Space to do code completion, a help window will also pop up to show you a description and usage examples of the command that is highlighted in the code completion window (see screenshot below). This will help beginners with their exploration, discovery, and understanding of commands and functions within Kojo.


Note – Basic commands and functions are currently documented. Documentation coverage will improve with newer versions of Kojo.

  • Better code completion in the following scenarios:
    • members of parameters to functions.
    • members of objects that have not yet been evaluated within the interpreter.

    This will help intermediate to advanced Kojo users (and those who use Kojo as a Scala REPL for exploration and play) with their coding. The screenshot below shows this feature in action.

As always, the new version is available from the Kojo Download Page.


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