New Kojo Release – Version Jan-08-2012

A new version of Kojo is out. Highlights:

  • Faster Picture drawing.
  • New methods for testing for collisions between Pictures.
  • New Position and Heading related methods for Pictures.
  • Music Player enhancements (for both MP3 and composed music playback).

The Hunted sample game (accessible via the Samples -> Pictures menu item) is a good place to see a lot of this stuff in action. The game demonstrates the following ideas:

  • Making simple geometric shapes with turtles.
  • Converting these shapes to pictures.
  • Combining these pictures to create more complex pictures, which serve as game characters. Pictures are combined using transformations like rotation, translation, and scaling. The different characters floating around on the screen in the game are built out of the seven Tangram pieces. A picture represents each piece. The characters are built by combining these pictures.
  • Animating the created characters.
  • Putting in keyboard interactivity and collision detection to get game behavior.
  • Adding background music and music for game events to spice things up.

As always, the new version is available from the Kojo Download Page.


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