New Kojo Release — Version Aug-16-2011

A new release of Kojo (Version: 160811-1) is out. Highlights:

  • An interactive Scala Tutorial contributed by Phil Bagwell from the Scala Team. The tutorial:
    • Was adapted for Kojo from the version by Anthony Bagwell.
    • Contains a fast-paced tour of Scala.
    • Has a section on Turtle Graphics.
    • Has a section on making games using Staging.
    • Is Interactive! You can click on code snippets (within the storyteller window) to run them via the script editor. You can also modify these snippets (in the script editor) and then run them again, to play with and explore different ideas.
  • Coding modes within the script editor – for Turtleworld, Staging, and Mathworld. When you switch to a mode (via the script editor context menu), completions for that mode come into scope, and completions for other modes disappear.
  • A Scala upgrade – version 2.9.1.RC3 is bundled.
As always, the new version is available on the Kojo Download Page. Enjoy!
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