Kojo – Version 210711 Released

I’m pleased to announce a new release of Kojo.


  • Keyboard support. Here’s an example game that uses this feature: http://www.kogics.net/codesketch?id=62
  • Font size control for the turtle write command. Example: http://www.kogics.net/codesketch?id=63
  • A new command: runInBackground to explicitly force multiple turtles to run concurrently. Example: http://kogics.net/codesketch?id=64
  • Sketch Export. This feature allows you to right-click on the turtle canvas and export the current sketch as a PNG image.
  • Support for customized mass installs. This applies to school lab environments. With this feaure, Kojo loads user supplied jars and user defined scripts from the Kojo install directory (in addition to the user directory). This allows an administrator to create a master Kojo install, add the required jars and scripts to it (under the libk and initk directories within $install/kojo), and then replicate this install to multiple machines.
  • Support for user defined handling of link clicks within Stories. More on this later…
As always, the new version is available on the Kojo Download Page. Enjoy!
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