Kojo – Version 120310 Released


  • Performance Improvements – turtles are now capable of moving much faster. This has been done specifically to speed up the drawing of patterns involving multiple circles.
  • New commands:
    • setHeading(angle) – Sets the turtle’s heading (the direction in which it is pointing).
    • setPosition(x, y) – Sets the turtle’s position (without making it draw any lines). The turtle’s heading is not changed.
    • home() – Moves the turtle to its original location, and makes it point north.
    • zoom(factor, cx, cy) – Zooms in by the given factor, and positions the point (cx, cy) at the center of the turtle canvas.
  • Different Interpretation for setAnimationDelay(ms). The delay specified using this command is now the time required for the turtle to travel 100 steps.

The new version can be downloaded from the Kojo Download Page.

Also, you’re going to see some Documentation related to Kojo very soon! An ebook – Kojo, an Introduction – should be out within a couple of days…

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